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I had the chance to review the ZoFunk iPod Video Cases today, and I hadn’t even gotten one of them fully unpacked before my wife grabbed it and slapped it on her 30GB video iPod.

“Finally!” She exclaimed excitedly, “Something to protect my screen from scratching every time you drop it!”

I have to admit that I have wrought some damage to her iPod since buying it “for her” for Christmas 18 months ago. I’ve busted the cool white earbuds, gone through two iPod Car Conversion Kits, and the iPod screen itself is barely visible after I got tired of the previous neoprene case we had as protection and (stupidly) removed it.

But now I have hope. These cool new silicon-based iPod protectors from ZoFunk are ultra slim (only 1mm thick!) and you can barely tell that your iPod is even in a case. Unlike what was not the case with my previous bulky case, your iPod will still be stylin’ in your choice of Red, Pink or Blue.

With their thin profile, all of the plugins and ports still remain very accessible, and you can even use your docking station without removing the cover. I didn’t have any problems plugging in our car adapter or the earbuds. In fact, most control adjustments to the iPod were as easy to do with the case on, as they usually are without a case. The click wheel is surprisingly responsive, even though it is covered. As I usually “over-track” when using the wheel, the ZoFunk case actually made my navigation more controllable.

The ZoFunk iPod cases come with a screen protector, color-matching caps for your earbuds and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. I definitely recommend wiping your screen down well prior to putting on the screen protector, as any grain of sand or dust will not allow you to squeeze all of the air from out under the protective film.

Zofunk iPod video cases are available online directly from ZoFunk or through Amazon for only $26.99. Looking back, I wish that this iPod protector was available when we purchased our iPod. It would definitely be in much better condition today.

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