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Mom’s across America came out overwhelmingly against traditional Mother’s day gits in a recent survey, instead indicating their desire for digital consumer elecronics.

While 16% of mom’s chose the traditional gift of flowers, they were in the vast minority in the recent national survey commissioned by Circuit City.

What did Mom’s want for Mother’s Day?

  • Digital Camera - 20%
  • Flowers - 16%
  • Camcorder - 16%
  • DVD Movie or CD - 12%
  • MP3 Music Player - 9%
  • Candy - 1%

The same survey confirmed Mom’s role as “Chief Family Historian”, with more than twice as many Moms than Dads taking the majority of family photos.

I would love to see the follow-up survey to tell us all how many mom’s actually got their wish for Mother’s Day. And what they husbands will (or won’t) get!

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